Fuel Available at Springbank with restart of production from Strathcona refinery.

Despite the initial Fuel Quarantine in Mid February 2018 the good news at Springbank is that Avgas is available from three sources:  Springbank Aero Services, Central Aviation and at the Calgary Flying Club. Also, flight training organizations are successfully procuring Avgas from Imperial Oil and third party sources as of Mid April. Training activities remain normal. 

New LPV Approaches

In conjunction with the Calgary Airport Authority, SABPA continues to lobby Nav Canada for the addition of new LPV approaches (Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance, usually down to 200' or 250') on all runways. LPV's for RWY17/35 are scheduled for publication on July 19, 2018. We will post updates for the new LNAV approaches for RWY08/26 as soon as we are informed by Nav Canada.

Update Mar 21 2018: NavCanada CRJ200 performed Check Flight along Rwy08 CYBW Feb 2018