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Avgas Available at CYBW at Springbank Aero Services and Central Aviation. Flight training organizations continue to procure Avgas deliveries. Operations Normal. April 17th 2018

Avgas UPDATE: SABPA can confirm that Imperial Oil Limited (IOL) has resumed batch production of Avgas from the Strathcona refinery.  IOL will supplement it's own production by procuring additional third-party Avgas and sell it to whole-sellers.  SABPA welcomes this news and has encouraged IOL to ensure enhanced certification checks are made prior to Avgas leaving the refinery.  April 17th 2018

SABPA continues to monitor Avgas availability and Avgas price stability for Springbank Businesses and Pilots. Check for further updates.


We are in the process of upgrading and revitalizing our website so please bear with us in the launch of the new SABPA website which we expect to have up and running by the spring of 2018.  In the meantime this site will remain and will focus on news that affect businesses and Pilots at Springbank

Changes at CYBW Tower: SABPA welcomes new Tower manager Shamus Gordon to Springbank. Shamus will manage Springbank and Yellowknife Sites/Towers. SABPA thanks Bob Miller for his professionalism and dedication to Airspace Safety at Springbank. We wish him well in his retirement. March 21 2018

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